Beaver Fact of the Week: They did what to deal with growing beaver populations?!!

In the 1940’s and 1950’s, the beaver population in Idaho was booming. Some people felt the beavers were getting a little too close to towns and cities and were afraid that their dams would flood houses. To deal with the crowding problem without killing the beavers, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game came up with an interesting, very unorthodox solution to the problem…

They airdropped the beavers in wooden crates with parachutes attached into the mountains. I couldn’t make this kind of thing up, it’s too absurd. I also can’t do it justice trying to describe it in words, so I invite you to watch the short 2 minute youtube video linked to below that the Fish and Game Department made documenting the program. It’s hilarious. It’s alarming. It’s confusing. It’s definitely worth watching.

Parachuting Beavers

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