And in that blog, there was a grad student…

Welcome to the Rattlin’ Blog! If you are curious what “Rattlin Blog” means or why I chose that as my title, see the “Story Behind Rattlin’ Blog” tab. Want to jump straight to the blog posts? Check out the “Blog Posts” tab.

Here you can get a glimpse of what goes on inside the head a grad student who is very excited about the science behind wetland geology and hydrology. My current focus is beaver dams. I’ll try to post weekly. I’ll write a variety of blog posts ranging from quick facts about beavers to discussions of wetland and beaver science – plus personal notes what it’s like being a grad student.

I want to share my excitement with everyone, regardless of scientific background or educational level. To that order, this blog is not a technical blog. I might discuss papers I read, but I’ll only do so in plain English. I’ll also include pictures, diagrams, jokes, ideas, etc as I see fit. For more info about the purpose of the blog, see the “About the Author” tab.

This is a personal science outreach blog, and as such the discussions and ideas presented in this blog are simply my own opinions and views – not my schools, my employers, or anyone else. Just me.